Self Employeement

Job Oriented Programming

  • Provide Tuition, Books, School Uniforms as needed to poor children in       school.
  • Provide computer labs,science labs an libraries
  • Finance teachers training and financial asistance to hire qualified teachers.

Small Business for the poor's

  • Scholarships for college education for day scholars.
  • Scholarships for college education through "Distance Education Mode".
  • Scholarsships for Higher education in teaching and nursing.

Skill training programming for womens

Educating Women and Girls is the single most effective Strategy to ensure the well-being and health of children and to overcome the vicious circle of poverty.

Technical Training

Education still eludes millions of girls around the world, no rooms or over-crowded classrooms,a lack of sanitation facalities and absencenof running water,furniture books,equipments,recreation facalities and teachers are common phenomina in public schools.

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