Who We Are?

We are a Non-Profit Organization, Dr. Ela Mishra, B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD in "History with the topic of Reshmi Rumaal Tehreek" is the founder of the Institution. Dr. Ela Mishra is also an author of the book called "Reshmi Rumaal Tehreek" published by Jamiyat-Ulma-e-Hind - Delhi, and was released by the Vice President of India, Mr. Hamid Ansari on 24th February 2017. She was also rewarded by the Govt. of Saudi Arabia for her achievement on 18th of June 2008. With the sole vision of Dr. Ela Mishra and her contribution, this education institution was established on Tuesday the 24th of April 2018 in the district of Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh of India. The Ela Charitable Trust is the dream project of Dr. Ela Mishra to not only establish an Institution to provide education to the under privileged society among Muslims but also to provide food, healthcare, contribution and assistance in marriages of the poor Muslim girls.And then, by the grace of Almighty Allah few other members have joined in a mission to make the project successful.

Our Focus

  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (SalAllahuAlayhi Wasalam).
  • Develop methodology for understanding Islam
  • Learning of Shariah (Shariat)
  • Learning of Qur'an Majeed and Hadeeths
  • Our main focus would be to educate students of Islamic studies as well as provide advanced teachings in Modern Science & Technology

Qualified and Professional Staff

Jamiyatul Banaat Hazrat Ayesha R.A ensure staff are selected according to their qualifications and experience. All teaching staff are fully qualified in their discipline and have extensive experience to ensure courses are delivered to a very high standard. All staff undergo regular performance assessments and reviews and have key performance indicators.

Our Faculty

  • Qari Parwez Nizami (Mohatmim) - Principal
  • Qari Rahees (Nazim)
  • Maullana Qari Aas Muhammad (Alim)
  • Shazia Khatoon (Alima)
  • Ayesha Khatoon (Alima)
  • Masoom Khatoon (Care Taker)
  • Rani Khatoon (Stitching Teacher)
  • Nusrat Parveen (Mehendi Teacher)
  • Saad Khalid (Supervisor)
  • Mr. Parvinder Kumar

Teaching Facilities

Jamiyatul Banat Hazrat Ayesha (R.A.) is situated in Turmat Kheri, Rampur Maniharan, district Saharanpur UP and we are not linked with any other Institutions.

Aims and Objectives

There are some basic and general aims and objectives of Madrasah which are as follows:

    Good Citizens

    The basic aim of Madrasah is to develop useful and good citizens, who can be beneficial for society. Education develops in a person the following basic social qualities

  • To respect the customs and tradition
  • To know his/her rights and duties as Muslim
  • To earn his /her livelihood in an honest and Islamic way
  • To be emotionally and mentally sound person.

    Cultural Aims and Objectives

    Education is the medium through which the cultural traditional social and religious values of the past are transferred to the next generation. Our education system is transferring the Islamic cultural and religious values, which include Quran and Hadeeth and other related literature and the practical life style of our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The same is about other religions, who want to transfer their cultures to the next generation.

    Education as Social Change Agent

    Education is very powerful social change agent through which a particular society's social, religious, and political setups are changed. Our aim is to develop the social elements in our students.

    To Explore the New Dimensions of Science and Technology

    Our aim is to enable an individual to explore the new ideas. And have more and more information about the material world so as to give more and more facilities to the public.Islam is a very dynamic and practical religion which is totally different from other religions of the world. Islam wants a very active and dynamic person in the social order. The objectives of Islamic education for an individual and society are as follows:

  • The basic aim of the Islamic education is to enable a Muslim to have basic information that how to pray, fast, etc. and what are the basic information in order to live an honorable life.
  • Islam wants a person should be mentally, physically, and socially sound one in order to live a healthy life. Islam wants spiritually a balanced Muslim who can maintain balance between religious and social activities
  • Islam wants in a Muslim to have great love for Islam and be ready for all kind of sacrifices for Islam
  • One of the aims of Islamic education is to develop in a person the spirit of Muslim brotherhood and tolerance so that he/she could live harmonious life in society.
  • Islam wants a fully informed person about social, political, and economic affairs of the contemporary world in order to play his/her role in collective affairs
  • Islam wants to bring simple life style in a person and society in order to avoid luxury.
  • The main aims and objectives of our education system is to get a suitable and well informed person for social roles and to enable a person to live happy and successful life. Our main goal is to educate girls for the better society. Kindly pray and do Dua'a for our success
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Our Mission

  • Child Education

    We opened a Madrasa / School in a very uneducated village Turmat Kheri, Rampur Maniharan in district Saharanpur UP. It has 50 girls and 50 boys and they are gaining good amount of free education, security, school books, stationery and uniforms.


    Every once a year our trust conducts A free Medical camp in slum areas for more than 1000 people. In which free medicines proper checkup are provided to the people.

  • Food Distribution

    We do Langar twice a week in Slum areas and we distribute ration in RAMADAN.

  • Roza Iftaar

    in Ramadan we distribute cloths, Ramadan full one month Ration kit and provide iftari in masjid 1000 people at various places.

  • Skill Development Program

    Our Madarsa has this program in which various activities like stitching, Mehandi classes, embroidery classes are conducted every day for girls.

    soon we are going to open some skill activities for boys as well.

  • Our Future Plans

    Computer Labs, Smart classroom, Projectors, Hostel Projects, Orphanage, Old age Home, Women Shelter, Self sufficient Project and Extra Courses