Completed Events

  • 14 August 2018

    Free Medical Check up Camp

    Ela Charitable Trust is doing an upcoming event (Free Medical Check up Camp) at Sector- P4, Greater Noida

    • 04 June 2018


      Ela Charitable Trust doing an upcoming event (Roza Iftaar) in Shershah Masjid in Haji Naseem colony, Haldauni, Greater Noida

      • 02 May 2018

        Food Distribution

        Distribution of Food & Snacks to the hungry in slum areas

        • 10 May 2018

          Girl Marriage

          Trust provides basic stuff to the parents of the girls

          • 05 May 2018

            EDUCATION Promotion

            Conducts on the spot evaluation of the girls and making them aware of our Madrasah and free education to the girls in order to give them the ability to stand on their own feet.